Top 7 Best COVID-19 Protection Products Suppliers in the USA

As the entire world is in a state of war with the novel Corona Virus. This global coronavirus outbreak has influenced people, businesses, governments, and supply chains, unlike any other crisis ever. This pandemic has resulted in supply chain shortages of critical medical equipment, supplies, and other necessary materials required to fight against COVID-19. 

Manufacturers and suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) have been working overtime to expand production in response to the unparalleled global demand. Various companies and the workers that make PPE are working together with the medical field while fighting with the same challenges, risks, and fears as the general public. Various COVID-19 Equipment manufacturers are working day and night to help the world in this state of emergency.


Why is there a PPE Shortage?

The reasons are complex to understand, as no one realized this pandemic, that it would be coming on this scale. It has been ages since the last global health crisis.

Increasing COVID-19 cases are not the only cause of the rise in demand. Earlier during the lockdown, the essential medical professionals were the only people in need of PPE. Now various dentists, specialists, and other private medical practices are open to patients that were not there during the quarantine. Some aren’t open till today as they can’t find the PPE. All these businesses are now in the fight for equipment.

With more and more businesses initiating across the country, masks, gloves, and face shields are not required only by the medical professionals but also nursing homes, prisons, and other construction industries are also in urgent need of PPE. Now it has become clear how essential PPE is to fighting this pandemic.


Best COVID-19 Protection Products suppliers in the USA 

Mentioned below is a list of 7 best COVID-19 protection products suppliers in the USA: 

1) Wyandotte Industries, Inc.

Wyandotte, MI, is a manufacturer of CNC turned parts and screw machines. It also supplies materials or parts that can be used in the production of in-demand COVID-19 response related products that include ventilators and N95 respirators, etc. We utilize the full potential of our platform to assist in the mass shortage of critical supplies.

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2) Unique Safety Supplies

Unique Safety Supplies are located in Brooklyn, New York. All our products ship from our warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. We offer PPE donations to people in need. Most of our products ship for free in all of the continental US. We encourage protective equipment manufacturers and merchants to list their products on our website. It is harder to spread the word about our products and availability as most ad networks ban all advertisements for Personal Protective Equipment.


3) Curvo

Curvo helps hospitals to deal with unfair pricing and assists in sourcing alternative products during this pandemic. The conventional method of any healthcare supply chain management requires endless research, managing spreadsheets, and collected data that lead to various missed cost-savings opportunities. Curvo solves all that by automating the sourcing process from organizing simple, actionable data to creating RFPs. 

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4) USTEK Incorporated

USTEK Incorporated is a custom manufacturer that is offering its global network of manufacturing sites to accelerate large quantities of masks that include FFP1, FFP2/KN95, and FFP3/N65.

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5) Engineering Specialties, Inc.

Engineering Specialties is located in North Branford, CT. This custom manufacturer company can produce parts and assemblies for ventilators, respirators, and other personal protection equipment (PPE). We also provide stamped and machined metal components as well as assemblies for any metal COVID-19 relief supply.

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6) Northwest Fourslide Inc.

Northwest Fourslide Inc. is a custom metal stamping company that can stamp the formable metal nose bars that fit most N95 surgical masks, and quickly build a die to create a cut to length malleable metal bar which can be adhered to cloth or fabric.

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7) CustomFab USA, Inc.

CustomFab USA is a custom sewing contractor, it can create any sewn mask design. We are capable of producing 1m+ N95 respirators, as well as 2m+ per month surgical masks. We offer support in design and manufacturing using the highest quality materials.

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In Conclusion:

This blog summarizes the top coronavirus manufacturers and suppliers who are ready to assist and help during the COVID-19 pandemic, within the area of their medical supplies and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Let’s all join together to make this planet free from the novel virus by breaking the spread chain and using the best possible preventions.
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