Shlomo sent me wipes

I love leather shoes and boots. It always takes time to clean them. My friend Shlomo, the owner of Vega, sent me Leather Wipes. You see, we work closely with Vega on disinfecting wipes. 

Shlomo sent me these :leather wipes

And guess what ?

I loves the leather wipes. They cleaned and shined my boots in 3 seconds, in 1 wipe (see, they are already moistened. Of course from now and then I still need to put cream on them, but for cleaning and shinning this went from 5 minutes to 3 seconds, just 1 wipe!).

I didn't ask for the Pet Wipes, nor the other ones. But he sent them anyway. And guess what?

My wife loves the Dry Cloth, better then papertowels.
Our dog has never been cleaner, the moistened wipes also work great.
And the stainless steel ones are great too.
So now we carry these, and sell them and we have in fact added a few more:

window cleaning wipesstainless steel wipes


I hope this helps.

If there are any products you are looking for and can't find please contact us and we may be able to help you.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to place a larger order.

Thank you, 

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