Why Wearing a Face Mask is Important at Home For Safety

As we are in the midst of reopening phase of the Covid 19, we will see a lot of people wearing masks.

The usage of masks can be quite unsettling for kids as they might have plenty of questions about them.

Why Should Everyone Wear Masks in Public?

The mask is a way to help the spread of the corona virus. Everybody is being asked to take measures to prevent the spread of virus from one person to another.  Physical distancing is one way to accomplish this, which means you should maintain minimum six feet of distance from others. The stores are taking preventive measures to keep us safe, by marking the floor/ground to help remind us and ensure appropriate physical distancing. However, when you are at the public places it might not be possible to keep that amount of distance from others. In those cases, it makes an absolute sense to have a mask on, as well as do your best to maintain physical distancing.   

What Does The Masks Do?

Masks are mainly used to prevent a person from wearing the mask from generating droplets from breathing, coughing, sneezing, etc.  If you are sick then it is recommended to stay at home and not go to public places even with a mask on.

Children who are infected with the COVID 19 mostly have mild illness, or are completely asymptomatic, meaning they never have those symptoms. However, they are still able to spread the virus. This is why children should also wear masks and do their best to practice the physical distancing. It’s very important to note that kids who are under the age of two years should not be masked as they are too young to understand its importance and could be at a risk of suffocation from a facial covering.

How Wearing Masks at Home is Important

Usually, there is no need to wear a mask at home or in your car when you are with only people from your household. However, if there is a sick or vulnerable person at home, then family members should wear a mask when they are within six feet distance from that person. 

What are the Creative Things Parents can do to Get Children to Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is still very new for all of us and a change can be challenging. There will be significant challenges for kids to wear masks. There may be tantrums and parents may have a hard time managing their kids.  

Giving children age-specific reasons to wear the mask can be quite helpful, meeting your child at their level and answering their questions. You can first just begin with holding it and talking about it. Move on to the practice of wearing the mask at home with your child.

It can be fun activity to decorate the mask with your child using markers, stickers, and other craft work things that will engage your child and increase their acceptance for the mask. Families can make a mask with a favorite cloth pattern or order from companies that have kid-friendly versions, that can be a helpful way to get kids to wear them.  

Why is Washing Hands Important?

Until the vaccine is ready, hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of virus, along with social distancing and wearing a mask.  Be sure you are washing or cleaning your hands after every few minutes or whenever you are travelling from one place to another, such as coming back home or before re-entering your car after any shopping. Keep a hand sanitizer handy with you at all times. If you practice a good hand hygiene then you will stay protected for a long time.

Face masks have been made mandatory as they protect us from getting infected with coronavirus as these masks have a tiny hole that filters out small particles to come inside your mouth or nose.

Daily use of disinfectants, opening the windows and keeping a distance of at least 1 metre apart are associated with a lower risk of passing over the virus even in more crowded places.

Of all the behavioural and hygiene factors, four of the below mentioned factors were significantly associated with the transmission of virus.

Frequent use of bleach or disinfectant for household cleaning and the wearing a face mask at home before any symptoms are discovered, can help reduce the spread of virus and also help in reducing the spread of virus .

A face mask worn before symptoms started can be 79% effective and  with disinfection 77% effective, at stopping the virus from being transmitted to another person.

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