Why Are N95 Masks So Important During Covid19?

The ever-changing conditions encircling the COVID-19 pandemic have many people at risk. Predictions about the virus’s possible spread directed to the decision to extend social distancing and depending on how the disease progresses, any further extensions would be made.

People are advised to avoid making unnecessary trips or engaging in gatherings of 10 or more. Going out in public has a risk in and of itself. People who show coronavirus symptoms are self-isolated for 14 days, not everyone is following these instructions which makes it even harder to control the spread.

Today, people who have COVID-19 either experience moderate symptoms or may be completely asymptomatic. To reduce their risk of getting the virus, many people have started wearing face masks and plastic gloves when going out in public. While there are several mask options available, N95 masks are generally recognized to be the most effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19. Here’s how?

How COVID-19 Spreads?

The main reason why N95 masks have grown into such a demand item is because of how COVID-19 is believed to spread and grow. People can easily catch COVID-19 from others who already have the virus. It spreads from person to person through tiny droplets from the mouth or nose, when a person with COVID-19 coughs or breaths. Other people can also catch COVID-19 by coming in contact with objects or surfaces infected by the droplets or any infection, then touching their eyes, mouth, or nose. 

Chances of getting the virus from asymptomatic individuals are low, but the thing to note is that someone even with just a mild cough could simply transmit COVID-19 to others. Regular washing of your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and staying at least six feet away from people is strongly recommended.

If you follow these guidelines then also there is no guarantee that you won’t accidentally get close to someone who sneezes or coughs while out in public. That is where N95 masks typically come into play.


How N95 Masks Works?

There is not yet any proper vaccine for COVID-19, so people in high-risk groups should take more precautions when they go out in public. N95 masks have been globally recognized as an important component in limiting exposure to airborne particles.

N95 as the name suggests it means that the mask has 95 percent filter efficiency against airborne particles. These masks can filter viruses, bacteria, and dust, and are determined to reduce the large majority of particles as small as 0.3 microns. N95 mask provides a protective barrier and keeps the majority of harmful air pollutants and fluids from getting into the user’s breathing passages. These masks can also protect against blood and other bodily fluids.

Although these masks offer the best safety still other measures like social distancing and hygiene activities should also be kept in mind. Going too close to someone who has COVID-19 can still result in the transmission of the virus, even if you were using a mask. 

So, there is no doubt that an N95 mask will be is far better than any homemade substitute. These are around 50 times more efficient than homemade face masks.


Using Your N95 Mask Accurately

Using an N95 mask can give extra protection against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses, but it will only be effective if it is used correctly. It is common to see pictures of people wearing face masks that cover their mouths, but not their noses.

Now, this approach of using an N95 mask defeats the purpose of wearing it. Before putting on an N95 respirator, people should wash their hands and check the mask for any kind of damage. Not to wear a mask that has been shredded or has holes in it. You need to put the mask over your mouth and nose with the metal strip facing inward, resting on the bridge of your nose. Next, you need to loop the flexible bands to create a snug fit. 

Put the mask into a position that completely covers your mouth, nose, and chin. Tighten the bands as required and try not to touch the mask once you are out, even if it seems like it needs to be adjusted.

After using, throw it in a sealed container by touching only the elastic bands while taking off. Avoid touching the mask itself and wash your hands after removing the mask to reduce the risk of infection. You need to follow these guidelines before and after using these masks to get the maximum out of it.


Final Verdict 

The present situation of now with COVID-19 turns out to be extremely stressful and appears to be a distressful situation both financially and emotionally. This is particularly true for individuals that are suffering various other health challenges and are at higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms as a result of COVID-19.

These times can be scary, that's why excessive use of N95 masks has started to help protect everyone if they are caring for someone with COVID-19 or have caught the virus themselves. Stay safe and do your part to prevent the spread.

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