8 Best Disinfectant Products For Disinfecting Your Office Space

There are many organizations which are moving back to normal work routine, there are some companies that work with proprietary systems or sensitive materials that need their employees, workers on shifts to be on the premises and do their job well. It should be our moral duty to keep everyone around us in office healthy when we are sharing same workplace.

Though the spread of virus seems unavoidable and quite vulnerable but the fact is that with good cleaning and disinfecting routines one can tremendously reduce the risk of the virus infection which takes place through COVID-19 on various surfaces and objects in the office. It is every employers duty to ensure that the work environment is clean and tidy so that every person coming there feels safe every day.

Here are some disinfectant products that one can consider to keep their office space clean, tidy and germ free:

  1. 240 Pro Spray Disinfecting wipes – CDC N list of products recommended against COVID 19 – 1 canister of 240 wipes
  2. CaviCide – Surface disinfectant cleaner – Disinfectant Spray bottle – 24oz
  3. Clorox Disinfecting wipes – Scratched label – 1 canister of 75 wipes
  4. Vega & Carmel Disinfecting wipes – CDC recommended 70% alcohol – canisters of 100
  5. 85 Clorox Versa sure disinfecting wipes – 1 canister of 85 wipes. Healthcare professional
  6. SprayPak disinfecting spray – kills Flu and Cold viruses – EPA registered
  7. Fantastik Multi – surface disinfectant Degreaser – kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  8. Clorox Pro – 4 in One Disinfectant and Sanitizer – kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses.

Quality of Air and Ventilation

Ever since the outbreak of Corona virus happened, it threw a light on the importance of air quality indoors and what are the steps that we need to take to stop the spread of germs or virus in a work/office space.

Offices are mostly hubs to some undefined sources of air contamination including bacteria, viruses, mold and organic compounds. Poor ventilation increases the severity of these contaminations.

It is important to address the indoor air quality issues in buildings

  • Regulate air quality assessments, design, testing and provide appropriate guidance to improve ventilation and support long-term air-quality monitoring and raise air-quality awareness.
  • Raise awareness through the medium of messaging and education for developing occupant dashboards, apps, ideas to reduce the concerns in regard to potential pathogen transmission.

Signage of COVID 19 in a Workplace

Its often said that sunshine is the best kind of disinfectant, is bright light is the first and best defense against the physical and emotional signs of corona virus. You should be prepared to support your employees who are undergoing a variety of emotions and personal challenges amidst this pandemic. You must ensure that:

  • You provide clear, detailed and well informed updates that are relevant for your location, workplace, industry or current work culture. You must keep communicating that to be them timely and in a calm manner.
  • Offer reliable channel for their support which encourages two way communication. You must create a space for your staff so that they can reach out to you with their needs and concerns and try to make accommodations for them as and when need arises.
  • It is imperative to provide signage around the office area that will help keep everyone mindful about the safety standards.
  • Continue to provide clear, concise and well-worded updates that are relevant to your location, industry, current work culture, and overall state of the pandemic. Communicate in a timely, calm manner.
  • Make sure tech is consistent across the entire company including communication, video conferencing, project management, and collaboration tools.
  • Keep cleaning all the spaces in your offices continuously whether it is shared or not but you should keep pushing to clean down their desks and devices as soon as they are done for day. This is very important for people who are sharing spaces.
  • It is essential to provide all your employees with hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment (PPE) around the office building and ensure that everyone knows where to find both in order to stop the risk of spreading the germs.
  • Check with your team often to gauge what are they working on and where do people need an extra support.
  • Promote a balanced work-life everyone, especially for working parents.

Steps You Can Take to Keep your Office Space Safe

If you have spent a lot of time working from home as a prevention measure, it is the best time to inculcate the optimum hygiene practices and solutions that can help reduce the spread of viruses and colds. Some basic ideas include:

  1. Most importantly, increase the availability of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers and  ensure that everyone knows that how to use them effectively. Encourage everybody in the office to commit to regular clean ups of the high-touch surfaces.
  2. Keep on continuing to improve the professional cleaning and disinfecting procedures within the office to reduce the occurrence of germs and bacteria in the workplace.
  3. Wherever possible, rely on facilities that are based on touch-reducing amenities, such as double-swinging push doors, motion sensor lights and other hands-free amenities that reduce germs in high-traffic areas.
  4. If you can afford flexible seating is an option for your office that would be a great option and people who share desks. It requires everyone to clean the equipment, workstations, and hard surfaces as soon as they leave.