7 Best Sanitizing Wipes to Consider While Travelling

With the outbreak of the new health crisis that is covid-19 pandemic, it has become ever so important to ensure that everyone is practicing the appropriate health measures and most importantly those who are travelling. It is extremely important to keep oneself clean and healthy and ensure that you are not causing any risk to yourself or to others.

In this article we will discuss 7 best sanitizing wipes and how can we practice good hygiene while travelling.

The 7 Best Wipes That You Can Consider While Travelling Are As Follows:

  1. 300 Sani Professional Instant Sanitizing wipes
  2. Sani Professional – 95 No Rinse Sanitizing wipes – 1 canister of 95 wipes
  3. 175 Sani Professional no rinse sanitizing wipes – kills 99.99% EPA registered
  4. 125 Sanidate Sanitizing wipes
  5. Wet ones – Hand sanitizing Travel wipes – 3 packs of 20wipes available in 2 fragrances
  6. 37,500 sanidate sanitizing wipes – 300 canisters of 125 wipes kills 99.99% of bacteria
  7. BactroCare Kit Plus – 5 masks – 5 disinfecting wipes

One must practice following precautions in order to stay safe and also to keep those around us safe.

Regular Washing of Hands

One of the simplest ways to stop the spread of this deadly virus, is to regularly wash your hands. During the time of travelling, you are a host to a lot of germs so the only way to eliminate its spread is to continuously wash your hands and it’s imperative to wash them after every 20 minutes. You can choose to wash them with an anti bacterial soap or hand wash for best results. But incase, you are travelling and it’s not feasible for you to wash hands in a conventional manner then for better results, keep sanitizing wipes with you.

Have Self Awareness

Self awareness is the key to be safe while travelling as well keeping your fellow travelers safe. In case you are suffering from any kind of cold or flu then it is essential to carry anti bacterial sanitizing wipes with you. Precaution is better than cure.

If you are suffering from any kind of flu or cold then you should carry a hanky or tissue or sanitizing wipes with you to stop the spread of germs and protecting other passengers from catching any type of germs or bacteria.

Keep Sanitizing While On The Move

When on a move, it is essential to keep ourselves clean and carry a travel size sanitizer, anti bacterial wipes, anti bacterial sanitizing spray and all other types of anti bacterial products such as sanitizing wipes, hand creams etc. If one has all these items then it will ensure a good defense against any kind of harmful bacteria.

Keep Your Nails Clean

If you are keeping your nails short and clean then it will prevent them from coming into contact with any kind of dirt or bacteria particles and thereby preventing them from accumulating any sort of bacteria under your nails as they often come in contact with your face or mouth. So in case you are someone who keeps touching their face regularly then you should ensure that your nails are kept short so that they stay clean and germ free.

Keep Your Body Clean

If you are travelling for a long distance then it is very essential to keep your body and face clean and fresh at all times. Always keep a face wash, sanitizing wipes and moisturizer in your travel kit. Use a disinfectant wipe in the areas when you cannot wash your face twice a day to ensure that no bacteria resides on it. Always keep spare clothes and undergarments in a good way so as to ensure that not only you feel clean but also fresh.

Don’t Share Your Food

It is obvious that one must not share their food while travelling as it can be a medium for passing germs easily. Whether they are snacks such as nuts, crisps, chips or sweets or even sharing the same cutlery can be a cause of spreading germs. If you are travelling alone or with a partner, ensure that you aren’t using the same utensils. In case if you are travelling alone then ensure that you do not consume any communal snacks that are offered during the different methods of transport such as flights or trains.

Disinfect the Surfaces

Various studies have shown that 81 percent of hotel rooms contain fecal bacteria. Other places, like airplane seat covers, tray tables in a train might not be getting daily cleaning. Disinfecting wipes can be very useful in cleaning door handles, bathroom cubicles, cupboards, shelves, sink, toilet flushes, floors, toiletry products and more as they help in killing 99.9 percent of bacteria or germs that can live on the surfaces for up to 48 hours.