Disposable Shoe Covers to Avoid Tracking Germs and Viruses

What Are Shoe Covers?

The best kind of shoe covers lets you keep your shoes on, without spoiling your carpets and floors with dust, mud, dirt and mud that you might have contracted from outside. Common bacteria and germs live on shoes or any kind of footwear that you wear, that’s why it is essential to wear shoe covers that help you keep the microbes away and coming in direct contact with your floors or furniture.

Shoe covers are most often on construction sight and on photo shoot sets. It is also used by painters who do not want to mess up their home so disposable shoe covers come as an essential item. They are also often used in hospitals and medical setup such as doctors, nurses and ward boys who try to avoid contamination of their space.

Disposable shoes are also known as booties. They are the strong and are made of durable material and are designed to be dust proof, waterproof and tear proof. These covers fit all kinds of shoes be it sneakers, boots, slippers etc. They offer the best protection while they are light weight while still been breathable. They are so light that you won’t even feel them on your feet.

In comparison to other actual shoes which can be annoying in contact to straps or shoe laces, these shoe covers slide comfortably as it comes with a flexible elastic band which can wrap around your any kind of shoes.

Unique Safety Supplies Deals in Shoe Covers

Specification – made of high quality CPE material, waterproof, non-slip, one size fits most.

Stretchable – size about 13.8 inch in length and 5.1 inch in width.

Color - blue, 10 pieces (50 pieces)

Advantage – The rubber band at the end of the shoe cover is firm and not easy to break, better quality compare to normal hand-made shoe-cover, help keep the covers steady on your feet as your move.

Application – suitable for home, travel, party, car, garden, all most indoor and outdoor can be used.

Design – Waterproof design helps to protect your shoes from liquid and dust. Great for museums, workplace, indoor carpet floor, cars and garden etc.

Quality – our shoe covers is made of better quality raw materials, can withstand more than 2 kg. Meaning our shoe covers are much thicker, stronger and will last much longer.

Shipping – UPS shipping, free shipping.

Size – one size fits most

Material – CPE

Packaging – 1 bag is of 100 covers

If you are a person who does not like to have shoes all over your home, you might have a favorite pair of slippers or indoor shoes that you can wear once you are exiting your front door. So for this reason, it might be a time to switch over to shoe covers.

Various Advantages of Using Shoe Covers:

  • Keeps your house and surrounding areas clean
  • Eliminates the spread of germs and bacteria
  • Very less slippery and safe for User
  • Non-woven shoe covers are more eco-friendly hence more people are shifting towards these kind of shoe covers

If you are sick of people who enter your house with dirty, muddy shoes and want to keep dangerous bacteria from tracking into your house then pick up a box of disposable shoe covers, to make sure you are stepping in with your safest foot forward.

These covers are made from a super thick material, industrial-grade, which won’t rip or tear apart. Their material is waterproof, dust-proof and slip-resistant yet flexible enough to let you walk and move normally. They also have a long life, commendable strength and are light weight.

This set gets you 100 disposable shoe covers (50 pairs).

Advantage: Thick, durable material.

Disadvantage: One size fits most, but these shoe covers are generally sized for people with size 12 feet and smaller.

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