Top Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

Disposable nitrile gloves provide outstanding performance in several work applications and across several industries. Nitrile disposable gloves are standard options for latex gloves in several professions. There are many why disposable nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for demanding jobs. Nitrile gloves are about three times more puncture resistant than latex gloves. This ability makes them the most preferred glove, mainly when there is a risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens or other environmentally dangerous contaminants.

They are usually referred to as Medical Grade gloves because they have passed through a series of tests that proved that they are suitable to be used in medical environments. They are usually used in hospitals, dentists, laboratories, and in the care environment. However, they can also be used in the automotive sector, where a more intense puncture-resistant nitrile glove is used to protect themselves against any oil and engine lubricants.

synthetic nitrile rubber may likely produce few problems with allergic conditions, and gloves made from this material have various advantages:

  1. They are cost-competitive with latex or vinyl gloves.
  2. Nitrile gloves have a comfortable fitting even when used for extended periods.
  3. The gloves provide an excellent tactile sense.
  4. Nitrile rubber provides excellent chemical resistance, more than
  5. Nitrile film is thin and enables heat dissipation that decreases sweating and skin irritation.

Top U.S.-Based Nitrile Glove Suppliers according

Written below are the top ten small to mid-sized suppliers of nitrile gloves that are located in the U.S. as sourced by user activity on The companies are listed alphabetically below: 

Associated Bag is located in Milwaukee, WI, is a distributor of packaging, shipping, and workplace products such as janitorial supplies and hand protection like nitrile gloves.

Carolina Glove Co. is located in Conover, NC. And they are a manufacturer and the distributor of safety & protective products, industrial work gloves, and gloves for both consumer and retail use.

First Choice Industrial Supply Company is located in Oakdale. They manufacture a range of protective apparel such as cleaning chemicals and solutions, fall protection harnesses, janitorial supplies, and nitrile gloves.

Haggard and Stocking Associates, Inc. are located in Indianapolis, IN. They are distributors of several industrial products like safety and personal protection suppliers like nitrile gloves.

Lancaster Packaging is situated in Hudson, MA. They provide packaging products and also facilities and maintenance supplies such as nitrile gloves.

Liberty Industries, Inc. is both the manufacturer and the distributor of cleanroom and contamination control equipment and suppliers. Their company is situated in East Berlin, CT.

New Pig is located in Tipton, PA. They are the distributor of spill protection absorbents and related spill containment products, such as personal protection suppliers like nitrile gloves.

Reagents is a producer and provider of specialty chemicals and supplies like labware, solvents, and laboratory supplies and consumables such as disposable gloves. Reagents are located in Charlotte, NC.

Renco Corporation is a U.S.-based manufacturer and a top supplier of gloves and isolation sleeves for personal protection. The company is located in Manchester, MA.

S.C. Fastening Systems is situated in Macedonia, OH. And they are the distributor of several industrial products such as cutting tools, abrasives, fasteners, and safety products for applications like hand protection and eye protection.

Top Global Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers

AMMEX is situated in Kent, Washington. It is also one of the top manufacturers of protective gloves like nitrile gloves in U.S.

Supermax Healthcare owns Aurelia Gloves, is a top international manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of top-quality medical gloves. Their headquarters is in Aurora, IL.

Dynarex is a supplier of disposable medical products and high-quality medical equipment, such as disposable nitrile gloves. Dynarex is located in Orangeburg, NY.

Illinois Glove is situated in Northbrook, IL. They are a US-based supplier of gloves for several applications.

Kimberly-Clark produces various personal care products with non-woven fabrics and has popular brands currently serving feminine care, baby and child care, adult care, and professional products for industrial use like scientific and cleanroom environment wipers and apparel such as disposable and nitrile gloves.

Their brands are sold in about 175 countries worldwide. Kimberly-Clark's headquarters is located in Irving, TX.

Medicom is a Canadian-based top manufacturer and distributor of top-quality infection control, single-use, and preventive products for the industrial, medical, laboratory, dental, veterinary, healthcare beauty markets. Their headquarters is located in Montreal.

Renco Corporation is a U.S.-based producer and top supplier of gloves and isolation sleeves for personal protection. They are situated in Manchester, MA.

Semperit is a manufacturer of gloves for medical and industrial uses and also other rubber-based products for industrial applications worldwide. They have their headquarters situated in Vienna, Austria.

Sempermed is a global integrated producer and supplier of gloves for medical, dental, and industrial purposes. They are situated in North Clearwater, FL,

Tan Sin Lian is a Malaysian-based producer of latex and nitrile gloves exported and distributed to 45 countries. They have their headquarters in Johor, Malaysia.

United Glove is a manufacturer and provider of hand protection products and gloves and a massive series of products manufactured in the U.S. They are privately held and have their headquarters in Newton, NC.

VWR was obtained by Avantor in 2017 and is presently part of a global company that manufactures certain products for the healthcare and biopharma industries. They are situated in Radnor, PA.

Zhangjiagang Dayu is known as a global manufacturer of nitrile examination gloves for industrial purposes. They have their headquarters in Jiangsu Province, China,

This article provides information on the world's top manufacturers and suppliers of nitrile gloves located both in the U.S. and also in other parts of the world.